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In the world of Real Estate there are basically 2 ways to get your home sold using the assistance of professional Realtors.

  • Seller's Realtor lists and finds a buyer. 
  • Buyer’s has their own Realtor.


Most Realtors will charge you the same commission fee no matter how your home sells...even if you find the buyer.
My No Hassle Listing with  can potentially put more money in your pocket and give you the seller the opportunity to find a buyer.

My offer is to give you the seller and owner of the property more flexibility and options in achieving the ultimate goal of getting the home SOLD with a reasonable and equitable commission fee for service provided – no smoke, no mirrors!

My Exclusive    FULL SERVICE Commission Program 
I list the home & another Realtor represents the buyer.
The comission fee is split between Realtors.
( Comission fee 7% first $100,000/2.5% of the remainder ) 
 I list the home & find the buyer.
 No other Realtor involved.
( Comission fee 5% first $100,000/1.5% of the remainder )
I list the home. You find the buyer from your own efforts.
I write the offer and guide you through the closing process.
NO other Realtor is involved. ( Comission fee is 1% of final sell price )
Cancel the listing at anytime!
Either you or I can cancel by calling and saying
"I want to cancel the listing,"  Provided there is no offer on the table.
A written cancellation must be signed......It's that simple
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